About us

Everyone has the right to look good.

If you are looking for personal stylist, fashion stylist and image makeover, we are here to help.  StyleBuddy is a part of Singapore-based Nirji GroupNirji is founded by a team of experienced corporate professionals who have spent 20+ years in senior leadership positions with multinational corporations around the World. ​The core team is a truly diverse team with top leaders from Singapore, India, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Europe.

Style Buddy started with our love, passion, and interest in style. Most of us always find ourselves looking at what others were wearing and admiring different senses of style. And usually, Celebrity photos, videos, Magazine articles would serve as our inspiration, before scouring the shops looking for the perfect outfit.


As we get busy in the modern-day hectic lifestyle, we have little control over our sense of style, we guess that is with most of us, right?!  This means getting confused over what to wear for a certain occasion, or making compromises wearing dresses on top of jumpers, oversized jackets, and sandals with socks!

We founded StyleBuddy to help women, men, students, homemakers, businesspersons, and every individual feel good about themselves, empower them, and be the best version of themselves through style. After all, Everyone has the right to look good, feel good, isn’t it?


Funnily enough, clothes is so much more than just something to cover our bodies with, if we wear the right clothes for our body shapes it has such a positive effect on our mood, motivation, confidence, and how we interact with others.

So, let StyleBuddy make a difference in your life and let us find you or your loved ones the perfect outfit and save you time and money at the same time! We have expert personal stylists, fashion designers, fashion stylists to help you look good, feel good.

Your Life. Your Style.

One-Of-A-Kind Style

We started Style Buddy with the goal of helping people look and feel their best. We are here to provide expert advice to help you attain a well rounded, stylish, and professional wardrobe. 

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