Shopping Buddy

Our Shopping Buddies help you shop to your style. Take your shopping buddy along for your shopping

Your Life. Your Style

Would you love to save hours of endless scrolling on the Internet looking for the perfect outfit?

Does the thought of going shopping stress you out and do you come away from a shopping trip feeling deflated and buying something for the sake of it?

What if you had access to a qualified Style expert, hand-picking the outfits and accessories to suit and flatter your body shape and style?

Imagine experiencing a different kind of shopping experience, one where you explore new styles giving you the confidence and know-how of how to style yourself now and in the future. Now visualise wearing an outfit that makes you feel the best you’ve ever felt and injects glitz and glamour into your events. This is exactly what we offer with Shop Buddy service. We will provide you with a professional Stylist service from the comfort of your own home which is super affordable and easily accessible – proving that stylists are not just for the celebrities, you can have your very own too.

This bespoke service includes:

· Tailored Questionnaire to identify your requirements.

· All the items are hand-picked with your personal requirements and body shape in mind.

· Your very own personalized Item Shopping List emailed directly to you, where all the hand-picked items will be displayed.

· For each item selected (i.e. dress, trousers, tops, coat, footwear etc.) we will recommend an additional 3 options for each.

· You can browse the items in your very own online Shopping list & simply shop directly from there, click the items you like and buy.

· We will show you how to style & accessorize the chosen items so you know exactly how to style yourself for your events.

If you’re ready to ooze confidence at your special events, get in touch today and let’s get you looking and feeling your best.