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April 19, 2023

5 Indian Streetwear Labels to Recreate Your Fashion Trend

Streetwear is an eye-catching way of styling that reveals the different perspectives of wearing clothes. It adores your personality and acts as a part of your reflection, especially when it comes to luxury fashion. As per history, it was only occupied by skater kids and countercultures; But, today you can see youth with pairs of sneakers and oversized hoodies.

So, are you looking for the best Indian streetwear brands? The urban style became global in the 1990s and highlights hip-hop fashion and Californian surf culture. This casual styling influences everyday clothes and adds comfort to your wearing. Therefore, make sure to add the right brand to your shopping list before creating any thoughts in your mind.

To offer a glimpse of hip-hop fashion, we have mentioned a few popular streetwear brands. Uncover their best collection of them and make an enjoyable buy.

1. Almost Gods

Almost Gods are one of the most famous streetwear labels in India. From top to bottom, you will find a collection of clothing. While checking out the website, you will find a totally different touch of streetwear and art in outfits. 

Kobi Walsh and Dhruv Khurrana are the founders of Almost God.

2. Prxkhxr

Prxkhxr or Prakhar offers comfortable outfits for a more youthful and relaxed audience. The brand has tested many prints and color variations before launching its collection to market. Some of the prints are inspired by Khadi Bhavan and the different state emporiums in Connaught Place, Delhi.

Calling the collection “achievable edgy”, the brand focuses on good printing and comfort. 

3. Jaywalking

Another option for streetwear styling is Jaywalking. Through uniquely presenting thoughts and styling, the brand creates buzz. Moreover, you will find the personal touch of founder Jay Jajal in the collection. The prints and color combinations make Jaywalking a preferable choice for streetwear fashion.

While visiting the store, you will find a good collection of graphic printed shirts, mono-hued coords, oversized sweatshirts, and more. 

4. Capsul 

Capsul is India's first international multi-brand streetwear retailer with a head office in Bangalore. From accessories to footwear, and from trendy shirts to bomber jackets, it will be hard to come empty hand whether you shop online or offline.

Ex-employees of Puma Meenakshi and Bhavisha have started Capsule in 2018 to offer the essence of fashion, art, and youth culture to the world. They are willing to work with the emerging street culture and offer its by-products via their platform.

5. Dhruv Kapoor

Since starting the business in 2013, Dhruv Kapoor’s collection is continually putting efforts to bring empowerment into the fashion industry. Their designers infuse fearless self-expression and powerful emotions in their creativity. Kapoor’s signature juxtaposing design focuses on details, eclectic use of materials, and customized fabrics.

Dhruv Kapoor is the founder and creative director of the brand. Check out its latest collection to wear amazing clothing for winter 2022 and 2023. 

If you are willing to style yourself creatively, you should try streetwear styling. It is specially targeted to the youth generation and unlocks different versions of fashion. Check out the unique collections of Indian popular streetwear labels to know more about them and how you change your appearance differently. 

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