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November 24, 2022

How to Choose the Right Wedding Guest Outfit

Wedding celebration creates lots of excitement, joy, and sessions of gossip. Indian weddings are the most happening and energetic functions to attend. With different kinds of ceremonies and meetings with guests, it gives thousands of reasons to make many memories and cherish-worthy moments. But, everything stuck to one thing “what to wear to the wedding?” 

Interesting but stressful, the concern of what to wear to weddings creates chaos. It hits your mind and compels you to check your wardrobe. This is because you do not want to repeat the same dress for the function. Also, you need to attend beautiful ceremonies of an Indian wedding that cannot allow you to think about only one dress. 

So, let's have an interesting and insightful discussion to know how to make the right choice for the wedding guest outfit:

Factors That Influence Your Wedding Guest Dresses

Type of dresses with precise color choice

One of the major concerns to acknowledge while deciding the outfit for a wedding is what you want to wear. The great shift to western culture unfolds the selection of customized western dresses. Apart from that, you can wear different types of dresses to wear during the function including lehenga, saree, salwar suit, and more.

You also need to focus on color selection before finalizing your dress. While getting into a more reel world, colors put a huge impact on your pictures and face brightness. Pick the right color that matches your personality completely.

Wedding venue (home or outside the city)

The selection of wedding guest dresses also depends on the wedding venue. To feel comfortable and amazing throughout the celebration, you should pick the right outfit. Likewise, a heavy work saree could be a good option if you do not have much work to do during the function.

Seasonal-inspired wedding guest attire 

Are you going to attend the wedding in winter or summer? Your decision will get better if you make your selection by keeping the season of the wedding in mind. Different options for summer as well as winter.

5 Trendy Indian Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

To give the right direction to your selection, you can keep the following options in your mind. It refreshes your selection and tells you how to carry an astonishing personality throughout the ceremony:

1.    Modish Saree

(Image Source by :

Does saree sound boring to you? If so, change your perspective and try out the designer sarees. Today, you can witness amazing customization and modifications in saree and blouse stitching that make it a perfect choice for wedding guest attire for women.

Infusion of creativity into the fashion industry,  you can have a pre-settled saree that saves time and keeps you away from the chaos of perfect wearing.

2.    Customized suits

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From the bunch of varieties, you can have various options to wear a beautiful and unique guest dress for an Indian wedding. To answer your curiosity, you can check out chinkari, Sharara suits, jacket suits, Anarkali, and more.

You can design your suit and add accessories to enhance its beauty like blazers and 
heavily embroidered dupatta.

3.    Lehenga with a stylish choli

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Another interesting and stunning choice for Indian wedding guest outfits in a designer lehenga. Because of the creative ideas of fashion designers, you can have amazing lehenga designs for the wedding even if you are not a bride. You can style your outlook with a uniquely designed choli.

With heavy jewelry, you can carry a breathtaking look for the wedding whether you are a friend or family.

4.    Mirror work jumpsuit

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Nowadays, traces of western culture are easily visible in Indian outfits. If you are eager to look trendy or wear something out of the box, you can try a Jumpsuit. They are easy to carry. You will have amazing designs to get a vibrant appearance through an Indian-wedding-designed jumpsuit.

Enhance your look by adding the right accessories like belts or overcoats.

5.    Personalized outfit with dhoti skirts

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What if you have already tried a saree or lehenga or jumpsuit? If you have tried fundamental ideas for your wedding dresses as a guest, you just need to try some experiments. Likewise, you can try on dhoti skirts. It looks stylish and easy to wear. Design your blouse or choli nicely so it can match your dhoti vibrations. 

Make sure to conduct research before saying yes to any dress design. You will find plenty of options to design your wedding guest outfit creatively. 


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