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November 17, 2022

My journey

I've always been interested in the fashion field since childhood, and as I grew up I started exploring my interests and likings for a possible career in the field that I love to work. I started off assisting on some projects for brand photoshoots and celebrity shoots, wedding designer wear and portfolios for start up models. Within a span of 3 years my brand started growing and industry started recognising my work and I started getting more projects for photoshoots, wedding clients and personal styling. Our photoshoots are one of a kind as we've done a variety of concepts and themes, our brides love our work of designing, styling and makeovers. I love the work I do and am glad to help anyone who is looking for a hand in fashion. We are dedicated to bringing the beauty of every individual to the forefront with the style choices they make. We have come a long way and hope to continue this journey for as long as possible.

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