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September 16, 2023

My Journey as a Personal Stylist in India

"Mam, would you be interested to take a Personal Styling Service?"

I asked my would-be client Palak, a 25 year-old working professional from Mumbai. "No, not really. what is it all about"? she replied without much interest. Ahhh.... I thought for a second and reframed my question "Well, i am sure there are times when you would have felt  Oh I am not sure what should I wear or the need for someone to help you with shopping?"    -- that worked. "Oh yes ofcourse, that happens so often!! I wish someone could help me solve my daily styling needs" she said.  

Things got easy from then on, as the conversation quickly moved to me explaining her that Personal Styling is exactly what she needed to solve her daily styling needs. She was pleasently surprised when I told her that she could get expert personal stylist to advice her, from as low as Rs.1500 per session!!

In my 10 years as Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper, I can see how fast the industry is evolving in India. Until recently, personal styling was limited mostly to media, celebrities and High Net Worth segment with the common middle class in India staying away, for many reasons including lack of awareness, lack of access to affordable stylists and absence of a trust worthy brand.

Every since StyleBuddy launched their personal styling and personal shopper services in India, I have worked with about 100 individuals within 3 months, understanding their personalities, personal challenges, taboo, fear, and everything that goes with the connect between outfits, looks, style with the way one is perceived. 

What can one expect in a Personal Styling Session?

Personal Styling is a very personal experience and its important for the Stylist and the Client to have mutual trust, comfort and confidence.

1. I start my sesions by making the client comfortable for an open conversation. This is a must, and I encourage my clients to have a relaxed conversion through the session

2. Once the client is comfortable for a conversation, I spend good quality time listening them talk about their personality, challenges, problems, taboo, whats working, whats not working, and anything else they would like to talk about. 

3. A key component of personal styling is for the stylist to understand the client's body type, skin tone, colour preferences and whether the styling is being done for a specific event or occasion. People are usually not aware about body types and how that is connect to outfits, style and colours and patterns. I spend a good quality time explaining to my clients about the science behind the styling.

4. As a client you can then expect me to come up with my personal styling recommendations, customized for you based on inputs you provided. These recommendations may include a lot of things such as what type of outfits will look good on you, what colours, what patterns, what fabric and what accessories would go well with each of those outfits. 

Why should one go for a Personal Styling Consultation?

here are several reasons why someone might consider personal styling:

  1. Enhance Self-Confidence: Personal styling can boost your self-confidence. When you feel good about how you look, you're more likely to carry yourself with confidence in various aspects of life.

  2. Save Time: A personal stylist can save you time by helping you select outfits that suit your body type, style preferences, and lifestyle. This can streamline your morning routine and reduce the stress of deciding what to wear.

  3. Professional Guidance: Personal stylists are knowledgeable about fashion trends, body types, and color theory. They can provide expert advice on what styles, colors, and silhouettes work best for you, helping you make informed fashion choices.

  4. Wardrobe Optimization: Personal stylists can help you declutter and organize your wardrobe, ensuring you have a collection of clothing that suits your style and fits well. This can prevent you from buying unnecessary items and make it easier to put together outfits.

  5. Special Occasions: If you have a special event or occasion, a personal stylist can help you choose the perfect outfit, taking into account the dress code and your personal preferences.

  6. Boost Your Image: Whether you're in a professional or personal setting, your appearance plays a role in how others perceive you. A personal stylist can help you cultivate a polished and put-together image that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

  7. Fashion Education: Working with a personal stylist can be an opportunity to learn more about fashion, including what works for you and why. This knowledge can empower you to make better fashion choices in the future.

  8. Adapt to Change: Fashion trends change rapidly. A personal stylist can help you stay current and adapt your style to evolving trends while maintaining your unique look.

  9. Express Your Individuality: Personal styling is not just about following trends; it's also about expressing your personality and individuality through your clothing choices. A stylist can help you achieve a style that truly reflects who you are.

  10. Sustainability: A personal stylist can help you make more sustainable fashion choices by investing in high-quality, versatile pieces that can be worn for a long time, rather than constantly buying fast fashion items.

  11. Reduce Stress: Choosing what to wear every day can be stressful for some people. Having a personal stylist can simplify this process and reduce the daily stress of outfit selection.

  12. Celebrate Milestones: Whether it's a new job, a weight loss journey, or a significant life change, personal styling can be a way to celebrate and mark milestones in your life with a fresh and confident appearance.

Ultimately, personal styling is a service that can be tailored to your specific needs and goals, whether you're looking for a complete style makeover or just a few tips to enhance your existing style. It's an investment in your personal image and self-esteem that can have a positive impact on various aspects of your life.

Is Personal Styling expensive in India?

Personal styling in India is increasingly getting affordable, with companies like StyleBuddy offering a personal styling consultation with a real personal stylist for as low as Rs.1500 per session. There are several personal styling companies operated under proprietorship models, such as Ishita Image Consultancy, but these single owner companies are a bit expensive compared to StyleBuddy, which is a multi-national company based out of Singapore. 

The future of personal styling is bright in India over the coming decades. As the Indian economy sees exponential growth, fashion and style would gain prominence with growing consumer spending power. 


About the Author:

Sanya Arora is a senior personal stylist with StyleBuddy India. With more than 10 years experience in fashion and styling industry delivering personal shopper, wardrobe consultation, wedding shopping, event styling for individuals, celebrities and businesses. 

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