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September 11, 2022

Personal styling trends in India

Styling In India is not a new concept. Modelling Agencies, Ad Companies, Media Companies, Movie Production Houses, Fashion Models, have been using a personal stylist and fashion stylists to prepare for such assignments. Celebrities in Mumbai use Personal Stylists in Mumbai to dress up for parties, functions and private events. 

In our day to day lives, Normal individuals such as corporate professionals, students, office goers, and even home-makers often feel the need for expert advice on what to wear and how to look good for any occasion. Over the past few years, new trends are emerging where freelance fashion professionals provide Personal Styling Services, Event Styling Services, Corporate wear consulting servicesWardrobe Consulting services and more customized fashion consulting services to individuals, models, and all types of customers. 

As Indian customers earn more, the disposable income has been increasing and Indian shoppers are becoming more selective in shopping for right fashion accessories and clothing. Many rich Indians are appointing Personal Shoppers who provide shopping services to help high networth individuals shop. Usually the personal shopper would accompany their clients to malls and boutiques to help them shopping. 

The trend of personal styling in India is just beginning and over the next few years, these trends will increase exponentially, Which is a great opportunity for fashion professionals to expand their fashion careers


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very interesting trends. Do you think fashion styling as a career is being welcomed by more young people in India?

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