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September 11, 2022

Tips to dress perfect for Interviews


It is always the first impression that counts when you walk in for an interview. But what to choose while attending an interview?

Let's find out.

I am gonna give you some quick tips to choose your best look to ace an interview.

Comfort Wear

As always, keep your comfort as your priority. The hiring officials can easily make out when you're nervous and you would not want this factor to cause a hurdle for you. Your attire should compliment yourself. Choose silhouettes in which you feel comfortable. Never go with something new that can be itchy for the interview day.

Research company's dress code

Surely you would wanna look different than the guy sitting next to you but not entirely out of the box.

The choice of outfits that are appropriate for the interview varies with the industry, so a proper understanding is necessary.

Invest in smart outfits

Always keep up with good-quality pieces. Suits can be norms for some kinda industries, so a good investment in a suit can cost a little more but it'll make you look good. A POWERSUIT never goes off the line.

Nothing Quirky

An interview is not a place where you can flaunt your quirky side. It's a complete NO NO if you're thinking of opting for quirky finger rings, nose rings, or stuff that speaks boho loud enough. Always choose minimalist and classic pieces/ accessories.


Slay the dress part

Opt for neutrals and stay away from patterns. Neutrals are a time classic to slay any look. If you don't wanna go with a power suit and would like to opt for a skirt, then it goes without even saying that it shouldn't be too short. Wear silhouettes that flatter your body.


Presentation is a must when you walk in for an interview. It is always about speaking for your personality and nothing sends a bad message than a poorly dressed up candidate.


For more such fashion tips keep following Stylebuddy to Look Good & Feel Good.




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