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September 5, 2022

Tips to select right colours

Hey Everybody, My name is Shagun Mehta.  Welcome back to Stylebuddy. In Today’s video blog we will be talking about colors.

Color is such a broad topic, but we are going to break this into some Basic categories.

Don’t think that you cannot wear Red because someone told you, it Doesn’t suit you!

You can wear it with confidence.

There are not really hard & fast rules in fashion. You are free to wear Whatever you want, but selecting right colors that suits you best.

Universal Colors Compliments Every skin tone. Black, white, Blush Pink, Teal Blue, Red, Burgundy, light blues.

Yes, you can experiment with colors by Knowing What’s Your Style Personality.

Are you Edgy, Classic, Adventurous, Casual, Modern, Bold?

If You are Classic Personality, You will enjoy Closet Filled with Neutral Colors, Classic cuts. Your style is most likely timeless. You will Look Best in Black, whites, Greys, Beige, navy colors.

Do You Prefer Quality Over Quantity? Your Style is most likely Elegant.  Cool Colors and Cooler Tones will Look Best on You!

Cooler Tones in Charcoal, Cool blues, Violets, Cold blues, Gray with a hint Of blue, lilacs.

Talking about the last but not the least, Bold Personality! You will love Bold Colors, Exotic shapes, prints, unusual Accessories & Shapes.  A sense of DRAMA will be there in your style.  You Love experimenting with different neon colors, Color Blocking, Warm Colors, Bright Colors, Orange, yellows, Browns, Rich shades of Green You should go for.

Ideally, Colors that works for you should make your features brighter,  Your complexion should glow. When we know our Style personality and color personality, Everyday Dressing Becomes so much easier.

Most Importantly you should Look Good, Feel Good!

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