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Neha Dhar

Baloda Bazar

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Experience: 4 Years

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Ready for Styling don't hesitate to contact me through StyleBuddy.  Experienced and communicative fashion stylist with a proven track record of co-organizing photo shoots and styling models. 4+ years of professional experience. Willing to transform deliver an immersive styling experience. In previous roles organized and assisted in 30+ photo shoots and conducted 5 workshops for public figures .I believe in transformation creating Positive vibes

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  • Personal Shopper
  • Personal Stylist
  • Hair Stylist

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  • Wedding
  • Corporate
  • Casual
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  • Events

Colorways Customer service Photography Knowledge of latest fashion trends Social media marketing. Fashion Stylist Athena lifestyle 2020-2022 Collaborated with styling assistants to bring together products, wardrobe, props, set materials, and others to prepare and set up the photo shoot. Cooperated with hair and make-up stylists to style models. Coordinated model and talent work from greeting upon arrival to instructing on wardrobe changes, hair & make-up. Used merchandising guidance and requests to create the photoshoot concept. Collaborated with photographers to plan the set and direct models on set. Wrote communications to the merchandising team explaining and clarifying event requests. Key achievements: Organized and assisted in 30+ photo shoots. Designed and conducted 5 workshops for public figures and celebrities on proper attire for public appearances Fashion Stylist Myntra 2018–2019 Helped clients develop their original style and supported them in achieving their best look. Build brand experience by adopting a client first attitude, developing product knowledge, and acting as a brand ambassador. Collaborated with the design team and helped develop seasonal lines. Developed and maintained relationships with new and existing customers, teams, and communities. Participated in merchandising the store and maintaining presentation standards. Key achievement: Developed a client base supported by 30% referral business. Key Skills Multitasking Conflict resolution Sense of style and color Organization Time management Communication Presentation Colorways Education Diploma in Fashion styling and education Building brand experience Colorways Design Fashion merchandising Hand and eye dexterity Lighting and composition Presentation Product styling Sense of style and color Sewing Visual merchandising Attention to detail Languages : French, German, English ,Hindi A Fashion Stylist with professional experience, specializing in contemporary fashion, visual merchandising, product marketing, and garment fittings. Adept at identifying ideal fashion combinations to drive brand exposure through fashion photo shoots Provide recommendations and product education to a diverse range of clientele, brides, and bridesmaids, guide clients through product collection, and identify dresses and accessories based on customer needs Upsell wedding garments and dresses and exceed the annual sales quota by 120% in 2021 Build relationships with clients, perform adjustments and fittings, and deliver best-in-class service to ensure a quality customer experience Coordinate with the team to develop visual merchandising displays for the showroom and conduct photo shoots for seasonal marketing promotions editorial projects, including prepping garments, dressing models, and organizing product inventory Evaluated fit, color, and size for wardrobe prior to photo shoots and collaborated with the fashion team to deliver high-quality presentation of brand aesthetic Fashion Visual Merchandising Photo Shoots Product Marketing Retail Sales Creative and detail-oriented Fashion Stylist with a proven track record of extraordinary success in preparing public figures for special occasions, creating fashion editorials, and participating in the production of music videos, live shows, films, and photo shoots. Certified Fashion Consultant with a Fashion Design degree and well-developed artistic skills. Great communicator offering excellent work ethic, amazing time management skills, and significant teamwork abilities Fashion Styling · Styling · Fashion · Apparel · Visual Merchandising Managed and supervised the technical and aesthetic styling during photo shoots. Make your wardrobe consulting more beautiful Styling is a perfection we style your beautification. Fashion trends and colour are most important part of styling

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