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Roopali Kocher

Roopali Kocher

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Experience: 2 Years

Projects Delivered: 25

East Delhi (DELHI)

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I love styling people. I know to put outfits together that turn heads and make people notice.

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Rohan Jul 18, 2022
Thank you Roopali for creating such great outfits and looks for me for all my events. Working in a corporate, we forget to dress good and thats the reason i used to feel so under confident in all those meetings and events. Looking good is so important. I feel much better now. And i have all my looks sorted now to wear on all the important days
Zora khan Jul 18, 2022
She is very experienced and talented. Thanks for your services.
Anika Jul 19, 2022
I have done a lot of work over the years but feeling and being confident is the best medicine and more amazing than any pill.
Aradhya Jul 19, 2022
It makes you feel good, energy levels increase, serotonin levels rise in the body, eyes pop with colour, the mind becomes clearer and more content, and the body has a warm tingling feeling inside
Kiara Jul 19, 2022
She helped me create not just outfits but a style statement for how I go out in the world in the morning. She’s given me a new sense of confidence, especially when I go to professional meetings.
Mahika Jul 19, 2022
I have worn mascara and lipstick to work today and taken a bit more pride in my appearance!! thank you

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