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Harshita Gulati

Harshita Gulati

(Appreciations 7)

Experience: 2 Years

Projects Delivered: 20

New Delhi (DELHI)

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I'm a vivid fashion enthusiast, working in the field of its management. I have created content around fashion, written content, and even managed a few fashion businesses. But I love styling outfits more than anything! I have worked as a fashion stylist for my college fashion society & won a few awards for the costumes and themes. Fashion has been my mood lifter for many years now.

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Pooja Jul 18, 2022
It is a wonderful experience, Harshita is awesome. As a professional I take care to look my best and she makes it happen. I trust her and always receive complements on how I look now. So i will keep coming back . Thank You!
Nayan Jul 18, 2022
Harshita chose colors and outfits that complimented me and reflected my essence and presence in the room so that I feel more comfortable and confident. I’m now a better version of myself. She exceeded my expectations
Saihaj Jul 19, 2022
I can’t thank you enough harshita, your assistance has been invaluable. Thanks again.
Aarzoo Jul 19, 2022
I am looking forward to wearing my new clothes and shoes. I now have the knowledge and confidence to be able to go through my wardrobe and clear out all the clothes that don’t suit me as well as knowing what to keep.
Kashish Jul 19, 2022
Did not spend nearly as much money as I would have had I shopped ad hoc
Jaya Jul 19, 2022
Gave me a sense of control and clarity around my wardrobe and my spending
Yuvraj Jul 19, 2022
I really feel with all of the clothing, the outfits we’ve assembled, the hair lesson, and all of the accessories that harshita has changed my life.

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