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Shreel Chaudhary

Shreel Chaudhary

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Wardrobe Stylist and Designer

Experience: 4 Years

Projects Delivered: 30


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Fashion and Wardrobe Stylist | Fashion designer Capturing fashion through the passionate eye for designing and styling. Experienced Stylist with a demonstrated history of working in the fashion industry. Skilled in Curating the best looks as per client necessitates.

Upcycled Denim Collection

Deconstructing the denim composition and reassembling them to produce upscal....

Upcycled Denim Collection

Deconstructing the denim composition and reassembling them to produce upscale high street fashion
₹ 3,600 ₹4,000
Yashu Jul 18, 2022
she has the expertise and ability to go the core individual needs when it comes to personal style, lifestyle or managing image in a social scenario. At last I would like to say that shreel is extremely professional in her approach, full of knowledge and has the ability to provide solutions to one's image-related problems.
Jay Jul 18, 2022
she is very professional and analytical in her approach and perfectly understands what is required by the client.
Shudhita Jul 19, 2022
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. I was starting a new job and wanted to make sure the impression I made was a good one. My wardrobe needed a serious clean-out and with Shreel's help I was able to throw out some of those old clothes that I just didn't have the will to part with (I took five bags out!). We made a list of staples and I came away with a fabulous new wardrobe.
Manya Jul 19, 2022
I made a conscious decision to dress and present better. I was however always relying on the opinion of the sales assistants and their not so independent view on what looks good. Plus, after years of recycling 80's gear in my wardrobe, I did not really know where to go. Shreel really helped here. For once I had the confidence that the person commenting on my selection was truly independent. She knew exactly where to go which saved a lot of time and frustration.'
Anushka Jul 19, 2022
The session with Shreel was so great! I was blown away by her knowledge - after we tried a bunch of stuff on she was then able to take me to specific pieces in different stores because she knew they would suit me - amazing. I was also so impressed at how efficient and organised she was. She gave me heaps of advice and information on the types of shapes and colours I should look out for and specific items I should add to my wish list for future.
Aditi Jul 19, 2022
She is such a lovely natural person, she went through my wardrobe giving me great advice that felt so comfortable, she also advised me on the best colours for me. I then held a colours day with friends and family. Shreel took the time to do their colours and give them brilliant fashion advice, they were all thrilled. I would 100% recommend her to anyone

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Fashion stylist with a profuse experience in Styling and Designing for artists and models for fashion shoots, music videos, films and. Possess strong visual communication skills with multitasking ability. Ability to style clients from any city or nation. Exceptional eye for detail with good knowledge of designers, sourcing, brands, and trends.Got featured in an International Magazine for a virtually styling shoot done for an L.A based model.