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Medha Wadhawan

Medha Wadhawan

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Experience: 2 Years

Projects Delivered: 28

Gurgaon (HARYANA)

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I am a freelance Fashion designer and stylist. Designing garments, sourcing fabrics. Color combinations, wardrobe styling, personal shopping, on set styling, commercial styling, etc.

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Naina Jul 18, 2022
She helped me create not just outfits but a style statement for how I go out in the world in the morning. She’s given me a new sense of confidence, especially when I go to professional meetings. I love what I have now, and it’s only gotten better.
Raj Jul 19, 2022
she helped me to create an inspiring wardrobe. I'm happy with her work and would like to suggest others. thank you style buddy
Ridhimashah Jul 19, 2022
I have a huge collection but am always confused and unable to find the right stuff at the right time. After consulting she helped a lot in sorting out my wardrobe in a very optimal way. I also attended her make-up session online, where she taught me how to do an evening make-up myself.
Sanjay Jul 19, 2022
she chose colours and outfits that complimented me and reflected my essence and presence in the world so that I feel more comfortable and confident.
Akshat Jul 19, 2022
I’m now a better version of myself. style buddy exceeded my expectations.
Liza Jul 19, 2022
I just got cast in an independent fashion shoot on the basis of my Facebook photos as "the boss lady at a high fashion magazine".
Amrita Jul 19, 2022
She gives the comfort to understand body type and never discourages a body type. She provided me with good solutions as to what to wear and how to wear it.
Kusum Jul 19, 2022
loved your working style, and I'm also get inspired by you to manage everything properly

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Expertise in fashion design, styling.
Having 5 years of experience, including freelancing.
Good knowledge of fabrics.
Handling production of garments.
Great communication skills and client handling.