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Smridhi Jain

Smridhi Jain

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Experience: 2 Years

Projects Delivered: 21

North Delhi (DELHI)

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Hi I'm a fashion designer / stylist.

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Priya Mehra Jul 18, 2022
Never have I felt so confident and comfortable in my style. And, with the tools and knowledge she gave me, I have been able to buy more flattering clothes to supplement the ones she and I selected....which I am mostly still wearing, even though I lost 15 pounds! Working with Smridhi was truly a life-changing experience.
Bhaavik Jul 19, 2022
i have an advantage, i Did not have to spend time deciding what to wear
Ipshita Jul 19, 2022
Increased my confidence
Aryaman Jul 19, 2022
The tension between us concerning my spending on clothes decreased significantly, she helped me
Chitaksh Jul 19, 2022
she really knew what worked, she has a great and quick ‘eye’, and she helped me to see my shape and my wardrobe options in a very different light.
Ashika Jul 19, 2022
wonderful experience
Palak Sharma Jul 19, 2022
Nice work!

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