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Shambu BN

Shambu BN

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Experience: 2 Years

Projects Delivered: 22

Bangalore Urban District (KARNATAKA)

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Being comfortable is never off the trend. I’m a Stylist with always having comfortable as the first priority, having experience over 5 years in various category of fashion styling.

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Radhika Jul 18, 2022
On the verge of turning 40, I didn’t know how to look age-appropriate without looking matronly or like I was trying to pretend I was still in my twenties. I tasked Shambu with finding me a cocktail dress that was right for my place in life but still a “wow.” He asked great questions about how I wanted to look. The key words I gave her were chic, subtly sexy, timeless, sophisticated, and not cheap . But in my budget. I am very happy and satisfied today
Dhruv Jul 18, 2022
Everyone has told me that I always looked so put together and that my outfits and hair were beautiful. This is all because of you!!! I stayed within my colour schemes and styles and did not go astray. I took my time in the stores and didn’t rush so I didn’t settle on anything like I used to do. It’s exhausting but worth it. I actually plan to do some shopping this weekend but first I am going to take everything out of my closet, try everything on, and take an assessment of what I have and what I need…again…this I learned from you. You changed my life when I really needed it. I certainly am getting more attention than I used to and more importantly, I feel good about myself. thankyou so much style buddy.
Sneha kumari Jul 19, 2022
Wonderful styling. Thank you style buddy

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