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Srishti Chauhan

Srishti Chauhan

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Image consultant

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Gurgaon (HARYANA)

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I am an image consultant, I help women upgrade and enhance their self presentation skills in social, personal and professional setting. I am on a mission to help my tribe Feel, Look, and Perform their best and level up their dressing game!

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Ankita Jul 18, 2022
I wanted an image makeover. So i took one session with Srishti Chauhan. She delivered me the help which was more than i expected. I shopped the things she suggested me. I learned so many new things about current trends and how i should dress keeping my body type in mind. She told me that i am a pear shaped body and in what ways i can hide my problem areas. I had never thought about this in such detail. And now, i always think and know what and how i should pick and choose my clothing. Thank you .
Muskan Jul 18, 2022
I really enjoyed our sessions but I was more focused on what suits me well rather than what I needed. It re-boosted my self-confidence (thanks!). I saw that I can look pretty and learned about some brands that I didn’t know.
Shilpi Jul 19, 2022
I've already been raving about your services to my friends and family - it felt a bit like an indulgence but really is an investment in yourself. I can't believe I didn't do this earlier! Today went awesome. Melynda was super sweet and understood exactly what I needed. I'm super happy and feel like a totally different person with new confidence in the new clothes.
Shivani Jul 19, 2022
I love the clothes I bought and enjoyed every minute of the shopping experience! It was honestly more than I could have hoped for; Tricia was amazing and we got along swimmingly. I love the clothes I bought and enjoyed every minute of the shopping experience.
Mehek Jul 19, 2022
Both [the closet consultation and the personal shopping sessions] were eye-opening and Srishti was so enjoyable. How she was able to pull the right size in each cut was amazing to me – I’ve always had to pull multiple sizes for each piece because I never knew how it would fit and this saved so much time. I learned a lot and felt like I was able to hone in better on what kind of style I want for myself going forward. Really happy with the service
Kritika Jul 19, 2022
It was so awesome!!! Srishti was super helpful and I was 100+ % satisfied!! I would go with Srishti if I need a personal shopper again.
Rabya Jul 19, 2022
She was very professional, advised me in diverse ways, but respected my opinions at the same time. I found every item I needed - from suits to accessories. I got basic and lovely colors of pants, tops, blazers, and such a beautiful yellow bag, silver necklace and earrings. Fancy shoes, too. We didn't visit many shops, didn't purchase too many clothes either, but I got a variety of looks that I can wear at my luncheon. I would never have found these items without Srisht's help. Thank you so much Style Buddy for this service~!!
Keshav Jul 19, 2022
The experience broadened my perspective and gave me a great foundation to continue moving forward. I'm a guy, I hate shopping. Well, hate might be too strong a word, but I strongly dislike it. Years ago I heard about personal shopper services and finally decided to give one a try after reading reviews on Yelp. It was very pleasant and accommodating via email and set up an appointment with Srishti, one of her stylists. She was fantastic - full of energy and a great personality. We got along with ease. I never felt pressured to try anything I didn't like and she didn't hesitate to give her thoughts about any color or look she wasn't feeling.
Harman Jul 19, 2022
It's been a wonderful experience. Hiring this company was one of my best decisions
Sanik Malhotra Jul 19, 2022
Wonderful experience.

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