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Shreya Bharadwaj

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Experience: 5 Years

Projects Delivered: 135

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About Me

I believe Fashion is artistically designed to express the boldness of beauty. Being a Designer and a Stylist in the fashion field for a number of years now, I have worked on some wonderful projects.

I can help you with:

  • Personal Stylist
  • Photographer

I Style for:

  • Wedding
  • Corporate
  • Casual
  • Festivals
  • Events

I am a professional in the fashion industry with over 5 years of experience in photoshoots, portfolios, celebrity styling, wedding designer wear, editorial shoots, workshops and many more such wonderful projects. I believe fashion is for everyone who loves to be presentable for themselves and to others. I find happiness in giving complete makeovers to clients, models, brides for their weddings, personal styles, fashion shows, parties and what not. Growing up, I have always wanted to be a fashion designer and an enthusiast. I love good makeovers and lovely garments , designs and styles. It makes a person look presentable and complete, and I understood the importance of dressing well at that stage. As time flew, I started experimenting on various things such as designing clothes, styling, makeup, finding different themes and concepts etc. After one year of experimenting to understand what I really wanted to do, I choose styling as my main interest as I have great taste in colours and good eye for detail. I started my own brand Soigné during this time, and focused on making an impact in fashion through my work. It was a great journey so far working with many photographers, artists, directors, models, actors, many teams and many wonderful people in the industry. I would want to be a part of helping a client understanding her personality and bringing out the best out of herself by being presentable and stylish for herself and her environment. I am here to help you organise your wardrobe, guide you in what you need to wear for any occasion, events or parties, help you design your wedding attires or for any functions, guide you on photoshoot concepts and ideas etc. It has always been a pleasure to work in the field you love and gain more knowledge on how to be better and do better work in the industry. I am someone who has eye for detail and work accordingly. I am determined in the work I do and use my full potential to complete a project given to me. I have worked in different teams over the last few years and have completed 100+ projects till date. It gives me immense pleasure to say that I have had wonderful people to work along with me who helped me also to bring out my best creativity in the projects and work I have done. When asked what’s the happiest part of working in fashion, I would say it is the bright look on the clients faces when they absolutely love our work and appreciate our long tiring days of effort that was put into each project to give the best output we can. I would love to explore more possible opportunities and work with many more professionals, clients and friends in the industry to bring out more creative ideas and projects. I am determined to continue this lovely journey and bringing out the best personality in my clients. That being said, looking forward to style and design for you very soon. Thanks!

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